Learn How To Recondition Batteries at Home

Learn how to recondition batteries at home with little effort and almost no investment whatsoever!

recondition all type of batteriesDear friend, rechargeable batteries are everywhere, in your car, on your cell phone, in your cordless drill, and even in your solar panel system. And when they fail, they can ruin all the fun.

For instance, it doesn’t matter that your 2-year-old cordless drill is still in perfect condition. If the battery doesn’t hold a charge, a new Nicad rechargeable might cost even more than the actual drill!

But that’s peanuts compared to what you’d pay on deep cycle batteries. Think about it: if you want to go solar, be prepared to spend at least $1000 on your deep-cycle battery bank (and more often than not, upwards of $3k!) every few years!

The lifetime of a battery is limited and it ends up useless when it is dead. This is where the EZ Battery Reconditioning guide comes in.

EZ Battery Reconditioning is the ultimate step-by-step guide, that will take you by the hand and walk you through the exact process to restore almost any type of batteries.

You pretty much never have to buy new batteries ever again, you will save thousands of dollars on the cost of batteries over your lifetime because you’ll be able to bring nearly any type of dead battery back to life again just like new, even if you know nothing about batteries.

Saving money can start from doing anything even when it is such a small thing. Look around the surrounding and see how many dead batteries you can find or how many batteries you use in a month.

Very few people know this: you can get discarded batteries for a few bucks or usually for free and then, using a very simple process and some inexpensive tools to recondition batteries and make them almost as good as new, in a matter of days!

The most common type of batteries are Lead Acid (for cars), Lithium-ion (for cell phones and laptops, and other electronic gadgets), and Alkaline (mostly for toys and torches). The good news is those types of batteries can be reconditioned.

If you are interested in learning everything there is to know about reconditioning batteries, then this is going to be the most important information you’ll ever see…” Watch This:

How To Recondition batteries at home
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What Exactly is EZ Battery Reconditioning

EZ Battery Reconditioning is a step-by-step guide designed to teach people how to recondition any kind of batteries. This guide is aimed at cutting down expenses on batteries, teaching you how to assemble, use and rework batteries that last a lifetime.

Basically, The guide was created for people that don’t have any technical education, so anyone could benefit from its instructions. In addition, this guide promises you’ll have to use only items you already have in your kitchen or garage.

This wonderful guide covers nearly every bit of information you’ve ever wanted to know about reconditioning batteries, plus more.

Types Of Battery That Can Be Reconditioned

You can recondition 12V car batteries, used car batteries, cell phone batteries, rechargeable batteries, laptop batteries, solar system batteries, alkaline batteries, marine batteries and many more.

Learn How To Recondition Batteries for Profit

Aside from saving money on batteries, why not make profits from it?

Once you’ve learned how to recondition batteries, it’s time to share your new skill with your friends, office mates or neighbors and offer them your service.

People want to save money, so they will surely come to you to recondition their batteries instead of buying a new overpriced battery in the market

All you need is some table space, a cheap multimeter, a power source.

In fact, it’s very easy to start your own battery reconditioning business – and make up to 6 figures a year doing one of the coolest jobs on earth.

Just a simple search on eBay showed up a TON of results from people who are already making big profits from batteries that they get for free. Here are a just a few examples:

battery reconditioning business how to recondition batteries for profit

Battery Reconditioning is the best business opportunity you are likely to find in your area. there are little or no competition in this industry, check your local Yellow Pages, I doubt that you will find, even one person offering the service. You can put a little signage in front of your house that you’re starting a battery reconditioning business.

How Much “EZ Battery Reconditioning” Cost?

EZ Battery Reconditioning course is $47 and you’ll easily recoup your investment from the first battery you recondition. Restore another one, and you’re in the black.

But really, the price doesn’t matter. That’s because you’re fully protected by ClickBank money back guarantee. I personally tried this Clickbank’s 60-Day Money Back Guarantee a couple of time to return useless products and let me tell you that the refund policy is solid. Literally, no questions asked!

After all… reconditioning a single high-capacity battery can easily save you $1000 to $3000. Even a car battery saves you at least $100. And if you follow my advice and start your own side business you can easily make an extra 6 figure-revenue each year – with little extra effort.

Give a Try To EZ Battery Reconditioning Course!! – Risk-Free

9 Steps To Recondition Car Batteries

reconditioning car batteries
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  1. Step: Make sure you have the following materials needed:
  2. Step: Clean the battery posts using a battery post cleaner. Take away the moist and other dirt from both posts on each side first.
  3. Step: Check the battery’s voltage using a voltmeter. Your battery must have an average of at least 12 volts. If the battery has less than 12 volts upon reading, check the cells.
  4. Step: Using a screwdriver, open the battery caps thoroughly for cell testing. Once the caps were already opened, hook the battery leads attached to the voltmeter. Avoid using the leads once it’s placed in the voltmeter since this will ruin the acid content from the battery cells.
  5. Step: Put the positive lead on the battery’s positive post. The negative lead meanwhile must be placed on the battery’s first cell. Make sure that both leads will read two volts. After few minutes, place the positive lead into the battery’s first cell and the negative into the second cell. Repeat this pattern until you have reached the last remaining cells. Note: Your battery cells are weak if it has less than two volts.
  6. Step: Plug the battery charger into the electrical outlet then place the batteries in the charger afterward. Make sure that the negative side of the batteries is placed along the charger’s negative marking and same thing with the batteries’ positive sides
  7. Step: Hook up the positive lead from the battery pack. This is the first step in using the battery load tester. Once the positive lead is completely hooked, proceed to the negative lead. Make sure that your battery load tester can read at least 12 volts. Turn on the tester’s switch on and let it go after ten seconds. Also, make sure that the tester’s needle will not go beyond its reading up to 20 volts. Once you’re done testing, remove first the battery’s negative lead followed by the positive.
  8. Step: Use the battery hydrometer in testing the first cell. You can do this effectively by placing the hydrometer’s end part into the cell. Carefully squeeze the hydrometer’s top before letting it go. Note: the float or fluid levels inside the glass tube must be in the green area. Charge the battery from scratch if the fluid has reached beyond the green area.
  9. Step: Add the provided reconditioning chemicals in the battery using a plastic funnel. Place the funnel over the battery cell then pour over a tablespoon of chemicals into each cell. Charge the battery for not more than 24 hours.

8 Steps To Recondition NiCad Batteries

Reconditioning NiCad Batteries

  1. Step: Don’t forget the following materials you need:
    • An old NiCad battery.
    • Battery tester or digital multi-meter.
    • Long-sleeved shirt or any protective gear. Don’t forget to include insulated gloves and safety goggles.
    • A 12-volt battery charger.
  2. Step: Check out the positive and negative ends of your NiCad rechargeable battery. The positive end is indicated by a plus sign while the negative end (raised in the flat) is indicated by a minus sign.
  3. Step: Use the battery tester (or digital multi-meter as an alternative) in testing the NiCad batteries. The testing is done in order to ensure that the batteries are fully discharged prior to its restoration process. The NiCad battery is fully discharged after usage or its functions enabled in many hand-held appliances such as digital cameras.
  4. Step: Wear any protective gear including the safety goggles and insulated gloves.
  5. Step: Start the battery reconditioning process by holding the black clamp attached to the 12-volt battery charger carefully.
  6. Step: Gently tap the NiCad battery’s positive end using the battery charger’s red clamp. This is done in order to enable the precondition of the battery’s memory.
  7. Step: Hold back in place the black and red clamps for three seconds before releasing them. Make sure that you’re not touching both clamps during this process.
  8. Step: Repeat the reconditioning process until the NiCad battery is fully charged.

3 Ways To Recondition Laptop Batteries

reconditioning laptop batteries
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  1. Incredibly, one of the fastest ways to restore this type of battery is to simply take it out of the laptop and put it into a sealable plastic bag. Then put it into the freezer for a full twelve hours. After removing it from the freezer it should be cleaned. Then place it back in the laptop and fully recharge it.
  2. Reduce the temperature of the laptop to extend the life of the battery. After purchasing a cooler, the laptop should be put on it when not in use. During late spring and through summer it is of tremendous value to do this.
  3. Resetting the battery is useful in extending its life. Charge the battery for about three hours. After it is fully charged leave it on but without plugging it in, and let it be until the battery is completely dead. Leave it to stay like that for a few hours. Then simply recharge the battery again. It might not seem like it will help, but many say it extends the life of the battery.

How To Know If A Battery Is Repairable

Multi-tester is an ultimate tool in the electronics world. Using this tool, you will easily distinguish a battery if it is repairable or not so you won’t waste your time on batteries that can’t be reconditioned. Several techniques on how to test a dead battery for repair can be found in the EZ battery reconditioning course.


Armed with the information in the EZ Battery Reconditioning course, you will have the knowledge required to restore nearly any batteries that have lost their ability to hold a charge or even absorb a charge and are therefore not able to perform the task for which they were designed.

This process is very easy to perform in your garage or workshop and can save you a lot of money over your lifetime, especially if you are a tradesman or home handyman and use your power tools on a daily basis. You will need a cheap voltmeter, a source of power and the EZ Battery Reconditioning course, which walks you through the easy to follow a process.

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