How to Repair a Laptop Battery

How to Repair a Laptop BatteryOur laptop or notebook is very good equipment and they allow us to take them everywhere. Well, for this opportunity we have to talk about the problems that sometimes happen and that can be too uncomfortable and expensive to repair. Problems with your battery ?, One of the most common problems and that in the long term could be present. Therefore we have chosen to talk about how to repair a laptop battery and if this problem can be solved, do it following each of these steps.

How to repair a laptop battery that does not charge?

This is one of the most common problems, this happens with computers that already have a long time of use. A laptop battery can last several years at an excellent level, depending on the brand and device you have. Another thing to point out is that when the problem persists, you can follow some of these tips.

Freeze the battery: This is only for equipment that has a removable battery. Inside a ziplock bag, like it would be a Ziploc, you must put the battery. Subsequently, you will leave it in the freezer for approximately 12 hours. Since these hours have passed, remove it and leave it for 12 more hours at room temperature. Place it again and start loading it, with this everything will be ready.

Drain battery: These are other things you can easily do. You will only have to let the battery of your device run out, turn off your computer and leave it charging for at least 4 hours. After doing this, disconnect it from the current to check that your battery has been calibrated again.

Disconnect the equipment from the current: If you use the computer many hours at home, it is best that when you finish charging, disconnect and continue using it so that this does not affect the performance of the battery later. One of the things to take into consideration is that this is the most recommended because it helps even to keep your battery calibrated.

How to repair a laptop battery NOT removable?

It is recommended that you have at least a basic knowledge of laptop repair, but one of the things to point out is that you could cause serious damage to your notebook’s battery. It is more complex to repair this kind of battery and although it is usually possible, its quality of life is significantly reduced. When a team starts to fail, it is best to change the battery.

How it is always advisable to hire an expert team of technicians to perform the repair or change properly. Repairing a laptop battery is simple, but the most appropriate thing is that this kind of battery requires having a staff that performs the correct repair. Of course, computing has the best experts to perform the improvement of the equipment without any kind of problems. It will depend on the laptop model as well as the brand you have to determine what kind of repair or change to be made of the battery.

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